Suche Hervorheben hlsearch

map <F11> :set hls!<Bar>set hls?<CR>
map <F10> :set paste!<Bar>set paste?<CR>
map <F9>  :set wrap!<Bar>set wrap?<CR>

Scrollen Zeile bleibt stehen

:set scrolloff=10
:set scrolloff=0
:set scrolloff=999


When ignorecase and smartcase are both on, if a pattern contains an uppercase letter, it is case sensitive, otherwise, it is not. For example, /The would find only „The“, while /the would find „the“ or „The“ etc.

The smartcase option only applies to search patterns that you type; it does not apply to * or # or gd. If you press * to search for a word, you can make smartcase apply by pressing / then up arrow then Enter (to repeat the search from history).

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